Who we are and what we do


Few words about Aianx

We develop and deploy advanced technologies to replicate a digital version of assets to serve energy and industrial companies looking for more efficient, more reliable and cleaner solutions. We accelerate energy transition with practical innovation. Specialising in AI Digital Twin and Predictive Maintenance.

Digital Twin Features:

  • Spatial awareness
  • Analyses of root causes
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • The ability to self-tune
  • The insight needed for predictive maintenance.
“It's our passion to help companies do better green energy transition. Bridge your digitalisation gap with practical innovation, simplified workflow and reduced costs with Aianx integrated bespoke platform.”

Reza Abusaidi

We help you accelarate your energy transition journey across your assets

Multiple Asset Maintenance Management

View the health status of your assets and easily spot mechanical failures ahead of time

Predictive Energy Recommendations

Make significant savings and take action with energy and fuel compatibility recommendations

Bespoke AI on-demand Scenario Analysis

You are empowered to make decisions and compare your progress with AI.

Engineer Consultation Platform

Make well-informed decisions with our integrated off/on-shore engineer communication feature.

Highly Integrated Asset Energy Management

We're providing a single highly-integrated platform with simple design to serve your assets current energy transition.

Our Support

We will be there alongside you to help you become the leaders in energy transition. Providing complimentary expert development and platform support.

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Business sustainability

Be able to identify processes that will save your assets from potential failures ahead of time. Save millions and reduce your carbon emissions.

  • Be prepared and take action for 2050 Net Zero ambitions
  • Achieve optimum processes whilst making important energy tansition decisions.
  • We understand the value of your assets and we believe in a cohesive framework. Therefore we have designed our platform to serve your assets with ultimate flexibility in energy transition.

Asset Management

When it comes to the sale or acquisition of assets, having comprehensive insight of asset condition provides an invaluable tool as part of due diligence for asset valuations, determining capital expenditure requirements and benchmarking against comparable assets.

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Lets spark a conversation and share our journey together: venture@aianxtec.com